Why Blog?

I am 40 and I have a five year old. Yes, there is only one of them but I am still knackered. I may also be having a midlife crisis and have decided that a blog is a good idea. Time will tell.

I have made it to this ripe old age with a fairly limited ‘online presence’. I have a Facebook account which I use occasionally; usually tempted in by a (real life) friend posting, then followed by an evening long scroll through my newsfeed before I curse the wasted hours of sleep I could have had. I find it all a bit scary. I worry about social media and the level of negativity that the internet seems to be awash with. However, I also see the benefits that access to more information, more freely, and from more different perspectives can give us.

Although there is a plethora of online information out there, I sometimes struggle to find content online that I can directly relate to, and therefore I wonder how many others feel the same and if I should add my voice to those already out there, another perspective to be absorbed into this catalyst of change, perhaps I can play my small part in helping to make it a positive change.

I should be honest, as an older mother, happily married and the main breadwinner in my family, I feel a bit unusual, but I am also sure that women like me are growing in number, we are reaping the rewards of more equal opportunities in the workplace, and living through the consequences.

I hope sharing my experiences will help someone else as I go into ‘MidLife’ to see what it brings!

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