Change of plan – positives of deferral.

We are feeling the Covid consequences, and, like many other families, we are starting to make some changes. Alongside the belt tightening and savvy shopping, I’ve decided to defer my masters for a year and look for some additional work to balance the household books. This is of course disappointing after taking such a big step to make a change. But, there are some big advantages that make me think this could be an opportunity in disguise. These are the main positives;

I’m going to have more time to explore and refine what I want to achieve and where my academic focus could and should be when I do eventually study.

There is more space to establish new interests and rediscover childhood hobbies. I’ve renovated furniture, am making my own skincare and herbal remedies, and I have a feeling there are other things that I want to try out before I head full tilt into another intense experience, which my masters would be.

I get to be a more present mum/wife/daughter. It will be good for my family and me to be more hands on. The lockdown has allowed our immediate family of three to be together more than ever before. As life returns to ‘normal’ we want to keep a tight hold of the positives we have found, and returning to a full time working week, albeit studying, feels too much right now.

So, there are some big opportunities in postponing study for a year. Perhaps for you too the plan has had to change, maybe it feels crap, maybe there could be some positives to find as well. My mum always says everything happens for a reason, maybe she’s right.

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