Damp Days in the Garden

Stepping out into the damp and drizzly garden this week wasn’t especially appealing, but once out there, the weather was perfect for some reorganising and rejuvenating.

Lemon DayLily in full bloom.

Dividing in the Autumn will give more to enjoy next year.

Like most people, I much prefer to garden on a bright sunny day enjoying the best of the British weather. Often the Autumn jobs in the garden get ignored because I just don’t want to venture out, and instead start my winter hibernation. This year is different, I find myself looking for excuses to get out in the garden, the mental benefits of fresh air, gentle exercise and even feeling the drizzle on my face are great. I feel transported back to a time when I was encouraged outside as a little girl, ‘rescuing’ worms as my dad did his winter digging, and it feels good. I feel myself relaxing and rejuvenating, and thinking about the future in a positive way. So, as it turns out, a damp Autumnal day was perfect to plan for next spring, get a few bulbs planted, divide some plants and take some time to breathe.

I am lucky to have inherited some lovely Day Lilies with the garden when we moved in, but they are tucked away around a corner where they are hidden from view. They are also getting into a really big clump which over time will reduce the heath and abundance of flowers. Autumn is the best time for lifting and dividing perennials like this, and a damp day is even better for those of us on clay soils – the earth is soft and giving to the spade, and still warm from the summer sun. By dividing these i will eb able to make a number of new plants to spread around the garden. Have a look at my ‘how to’ post doing this satisfying autumn job!

Planting bulbs is something else I have managed to get done this week. I’ve put some hyacinths in pots for the spring and also planted a few more alliums and tulips, and thinking even further ahead, I’ve planted a some Autumn cyclamen to give me some colour next winter.

The final job for this week will be getting my garlic in for over winter. This is a bit overdue but I’ve been waiting for the summer salad to finish as this is the space I want to use. Again, please have a look at my ‘how to’ post on this when I’ve done it!

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