Homemade Hand Balm

We are all washing our hands and using santitiser multiple times a day. I’ve heard more and more people are starting to really suffer with sore dry hands. Its made worse by the colder weather, and of course the gardening, which is not a hand friendly activity, even with gloves! So, thanks to a little nudge from a friend, I got on with one of the projects I’ve been planning for a while – making a hand balm!

Back in August I harvested some of the herbs in the garden and dried them, I shared some pictures of my stair-rail drying rack for the lavender which you can see here. It made the house smell wonderful, and gave me a great supply of dried lavender.

Once dried, I used some of the herbs to make infused oils – Lavender, Calendula and Comfrey. All these have great healing properties and were used commonly in the past for home remedies for all kinds of ailments, especially inflammation and sore dry skin – perfect for life right now!

Infused oils and tinctures

Infusing the oils takes around 6 weeks, once that’s done making the balm itself is really straight forward, plus, because its oil based, there is no need for adding preservatives, so long as the containers are sterilised.

I used 30g of Beeswax and 225ml of oils, plus added a few drops of essential oils to really make it smell AMAZING!!

I’m so pleased with the end result! Now they have cooled they look perfect, smell fab and I am looking forward to using some over the next few days to see how well it works!

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