Monstera and Mindfulness

Its raining and windy outside, Autumn is racing towards Winter, but inside there are signs of new growth; fresh leaves unfurling and roots appearing, this is why I am increasingly turning to houseplants for my nature ‘fix’.

This morning, the little Monstera I have on the stairs was showing off its new leaf, a more vibrant, fresh, green than its older counterparts, it looks new, clean, and Spring like. Its a wonderful contrast to the golden and reds of the autumn leaves outside.

The prayer plant I keep in the kitchen has a new leaf just starting to uncurl too as have a couple of others around the house. I think this is the heart of my love of gardening, watching this process, the changes that are imperceptible as you stand there, but over days, as plants peep out of the soil and go into bud thats when the wonder of nature really hits me. Its like magic!

I’m pretty new to houseplants, but I’m becoming increasingly enamoured with them. At this time of year in particular, having the plants inside, makes it easy and comfortable to have a little wander around in my slippers, observing the changes, checking the moisture levels of the soil, peering at the cuttings, and generally pottering about for ten minutes with my morning cup of tea. This is my mediation time, and I love it.

Practicing mindfullness, being present in the here and now, is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us. It slows our heart rate, brings down the levels of stress hormones in our bodies, and gives us a moment to reset. Having plants in my home has given me another opportunity and trigger in my day to to remember how important this is. What do houseplants give you and do you have any tips and tricks for building mindful moments into your day?

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