Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm

I am enjoying making beeswax based products so much – the smell of honey when the wax melts is mouth-watering, and beeswax is one of the most sustainable products there is, so I’ve been looking for any excuse! Today, I have made a few peppermint lip balms to give as gifts this Christmas. The same base recipe can be adapted to use different herbs and essential oils so to you can experiment with what you like best, although bear in mind that you will need different amounts of oils dependent on how heavy the concentrations are.

Peppermint in the raised bed Summer 2020

Peppermint is a great choice for lip balm, not only is it a lovely fresh scent, but it also has aromatherapy benefits to help with memory and alertness, and can ease headaches, so great for busy people on the go! Using essential oils gives a wonderful, natural scent, and if you also add infused oils you also get the herbal benefits as well. Peppermint is also so easy to grow at home in the garden or in pots, its important to keep it in an enclosed area or pot to stop it taking over – its that easy to grow! To add it to a product like lipbalm, infusing the dried leaves into a carrier oil is a great way to get the herbal benefits as well as the scent in your balm.

How to make Peppermint Lip Balm

To make 6 10ml pots, you will need;

  • 2 saucepans that inside oneanother
  • silicone spatula or stirring spoon
  • lipbalm containers, tubes, tins or pots
  • Sweet Almond Oil 40ml / 8 tsp (pre infused with peppermint – Optional)
  • Beeswax 10ml / 2 tsp
  • Peppermint Essential Oil 6 drops

To make herb infused oils, inluding Peppermint, you can use the hot or cold infusion method. As this is optional for making lip balm I’ve not included this here, but I will write another post on how to do this!

  1. Fill the larger of the two pans a quarter full with hot water and place on a medium heat on the stove. Sit the second pan inside the first and add the beeswax to the smaller pan.
  2. Gently melt the beeswax – you will get the most delicious smell as it heats up and starts to melt! gently stir to help it melt evenly.
  3. Once the beeswax has melted add the sweet almond oil. This will cause the beeswax to slightly solidify to start with, but keep going and it will completely melt again and mix together with the herbs to give a lovely golden liquid.
  4. Once everything is melted and you have a clear, golden liquid, take the pan off the heat and add your essential oils and stir well. IT WILL SMELL FANTASTIC!
  5. Pour into your pots or tubes, being careful not to let water drip from the pan – a tea towel comes in handy here.
  6. The lip balm will take around an hour to cool – leave uncovered until completely set to prevent any condensation forming and only put the lids on when completely cooled.

TIP – If you want your lipbalm to be softer use a higher proportion of oil, harder use a high proportion of wax. Enjoy yourself experimenting, and let me know how you get on!

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